CSI Srl - Technological Development Center of Chisinau (MD), with the participation of major companies, including: Gallicchio Stampi Ltd., Consorzio Europa93, Ficco Components Ltd., Delta solar and other members of the Automotive Innovation Pole of Torino (IT) - is able to respond to 360 ° to the needs of markets and products of major international companies.

The headquartered of CSI is located in Chisinau (MD) and it has professional reference in Turin and Italy. Currently operates mainly in Northern Italy for the design and construction of molds for plastics, sheet metal, accessories, components and electronics, production and commercialization of products primarily in industrial and automotive, but it is also at the forefront in other areas, such as products, consumer needs and highly innovative, is present with its professionalism, the markets of many countries in Northern Europe and in almost all neighboring countries projecting in this context to major markets in the countries of Eastern Europe.

We are also suppliers in the Automotive Innovation Pole for over thirty years. We found in the Automotive Pole, planning, pragmatism and vision of the future. As for our company, "Only those who think about the future can set in motion something new", we have continued to develop with passion and conviction.