CSI - Innovations Development Center, was created to:

Develop innovations, experiments, rapid prototyping and patents of products and systems, from design to construction of molds for plastics and sheet metal, equipment, special machines and industrial automation.

Develop a territorial network, dedicated to Moldovan and Italian SMEs, in valuing, supporting and promoting on international markets, from study to research and development of their culture of innovation and entrepreneurial excellences.

Promote and develop synergistic capabilities and intellectual property of SMEs, creativity, ingenuity, skills and the training role they play in their daily operations, support in starting to work those who wish to embark on a trade and a profession and in constitute a dynamic image of it.

Develop innovative training and information in the operational context of CAD-CAM-CAE. and technical/scientific knowledge in every field and industry.

Perform all kinds of operations to the development of the business of import/export, commercial, securities and real estate in every field and industry.

Expanding its range of services, the company can get to serve the majority of customers most significant European and international level. Today, we find ourselves with an induced company that can respond with knowledge and skills to the needs of innovative development of major international purchasers. Companies aimed at the development of innovative products, oriented to the opening of its assets in foreign markets and to technical/commercial relationships.

Our company is able to manage and provide directly any assistance to the process of product development and product logistics. CSI is now able to offer the best solutions for the research and development of innovative products in international markets.