The CSI is the leader of the DCV project. The goal of the DCV project is to develop an interface that allows removable fittings, for motorcycles and vehicles that become multi-functional in changing the philosophy of handling a vehicle. The project is in a very advanced state in terms of planning and is going to be moved the stage of prototyping and pre-industrialization process.

Coordinated by professionals and industry experts, we perform with our dedication the role of the end user, highlighting the needs and new market opportunities. Other technical partners are involved and participate in the verification of the technical feasibility and productive, others in verifying with national and international regulations for the necessary approvals. We are strongly working on the use of new materials and application methods.

Applications can be multiple and satisfy almost all fields of usage: ranging from the traditional use motorcycle in greater safety and improved comfort, the development of motorcycles/motor vehicles ABI - Vehicles Double wheels and Double seats, which are the ideal solution for greater flexibility in the urban and suburban traffic with small size and low operating costs with reductions in consumption more than 50% of the overall dimensions of environmental pollution and road encumbrances, where currently, about 80% of the movements take place with one or two users on vehicles much more cumbersome, expensive and polluting.

Very useful for the transport of persons (one or two) and light goods, especially for work vehicles, "delivery" (pony express, postal services, transport of medicines...), and so on. Moreover, the system greatly simplifies the production of interchangeable stands in after market vehicle's basic fleet.